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rumah atas air
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rumah atas air

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Saturday, 23-Jun-2007 03:45
An evening at Bagan Lalang
Finally, no more weddings to attend..hahahha
back to normal routine..not dat i'm complaining..actually it was such a bless to see joyful faces on every wedding kenduri. Love floating in the air and at dat time happily ever after thinking seems true enuff to be..hehhehe...its never wrong to dream, arent we? :P

Ok, enuff of dat personal blog writing..ihihi
Last weekend, after house cleaning and solat zohor, my fiance and me took off to Bagan Lalang beach. Saje nak tgk new place and spend time together.. :cloud9:

Sampai2 je nampak bebudak sekolah tgh buat BTN..teringat zaman college dulu.. 0)
Banyak jugak kedai makan kat situ, seafood restaurant pun ade.
Also pony ride, RM5 je..ramai jugak budak2 yg naik. Thought of trying but pity ze kuda padi lak..pengsan karang angkat guni beras nie LOL

Ze beach..walawey...sooooooo cantik!!!
i never seen pantai when air surut, people actually can walk to the very center of the laut!!!
Excuse my 'jakun' enthusiasms as no terengganu pantai looks like it :-D
Then, bermulalah scene budak jakun masuk pantai..hahhaha
Opppss, forgot to tell..all these pics were taken using our handphone. 8-) How could u forgot to bring camera hunny..uhuhuuh
See our love signature on the beach? We actually used our working ID.. :lol_fast:
Where can you find another commited employees like us..ihihih

As clocks ticking fast to dawn, we started to go back to our car. Makin banyak org yg coming at dat time, i guess to see ze legendary beautiful sunset scenery.
On the way back, we stop for maghrib jemaah at masjid KLIA. Ze mosque is so cantik, big and very convenient especially for ladies. Ade special route to tempat wuduq and secluded bilik persalinan.
Very nice but xsampai satu saf pun jemaah mlm tu.. :frown:
Maybe sebab masjid tu built kat tempat yg jauh from kwsn perumahan and masuk ke dlm sikit from highway..such a pity

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